Kim Ingram

After having two kids and gaining an unhealthy amount of pregnancy weight, Kim realized she needed to take control of her life and prioritize her health and fitness. In addition to changing some eating habits, Kim tried a local chain gym. She never felt confident on what to actually do when she went, though. So in 2015 after wasting months walking on a treadmill and trying to figure out weight machines, a friend recommended Crossfit Lanier. She popped in to see what this Crossfit thing was all about, and after meeting with the staff she quickly signed up for a membership. She loved that all the thinking was taken out of it. You had someone to tell you your workout, when to start, and when to finish it. No more guessing how many reps and rounds to do! Eight years later, Kim is a healthier, stronger version of herself. After being encouraged for years by her friends to become a trainer, she decided to go for it. She acquired her Crossfit Level 1 certificate recently, and is super excited and motivated to help athletes reach their goals. Kim can’t wait to help members see their own potential, no matter their skill level, and to hopefully inspire the way she was inspired the first time a CFL coach told her she was “strong”.
“Being told I was strong was the true game changer for me. It was that moment I realized it’s not about being ‘skinny’, but being healthy was the goal. Building strength is one of the most important gifts you can give to your body- no matter your age, male or female. As I enter my mid-40’s, I know I am enhancing my quality of life, both physically and mentally. I hope to help others do the same!”.


  • CrossFit Level 1