Starting CrossFit in his mid 40s has provided a perspective from a masters athlete point of view. CrossFit Lanier built a positive change in Jason’s health and lifestyle from the moment he started. The next progression is to learn as much as he can. Not only has he achieved his CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1), but Jason has also extended his skills with “Masters Trainer”, “Programming Certificate”, “Spot the Flaw Certificate” and “Judges Certificate (2022)”. He has a strong understanding of Nutrition and how to traverse the struggles of eating to fuel your body and not feeding your food habits/addictions.

“CrossFit and staying healthy gives me the confidence to know life has very few limitations. As a coach I get the pleasure of delivering that confidence and seeing athletes achieve success especially when they feel it was not possible. I hope I can inspire and encourage others to seek fitness growth that will help in life both inside and outside of the gym.” Jason Johnson