CrossFit Lanier

How do I start at CrossFit Lanier?

CFL Fundamentals Graduates

If you’re new to CrossFit, we recommend taking our CFL Fundamentals program before joining the regular group classes. For just $99.00, you’ll get 3 hours of training with one of our coaches, who will assess your current level of fitness and teach you all the basic CrossFit movements and their progressions. You’ll also learn all the CrossFit lingo, and have a chance to ask any questions and get a few workouts in before joining the regular CrossFit classes. On graduation from this program, you’ll get a 50% discount off your first month’s membership to CFL.

Welcome Dr. Ashley Reed & Dr. Norm Dabalos!

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We're happy to announce the grand opening of Compass Wellness here at CrossFit Lanier! Dr. Ashley Reed & Dr. Norm Dabalos will be available beginning on Sept. 14th to treat our members and others with Chiropractic, FMS, RockTape, Soft Tissue Therapy and Nutritional services.
Dr. Reed can be reach at:
814-591-7614 or
Dr. Dabalos can be reached at:
404-543-BACK (2225) or